Tom Sawyer

It seems so quiet around. Everyone sees the smiles and happy face. Everyone sees the strong and great leader without the slightest thought if he ever has the word problems in his dictionary.

The peace of God always seem to surpass situations and problems in his case it seems. In the inside though at times question rage. Thoughts build and crumble, decisions are made even sometimes without any consciousness. Though it rarely ever occurs like this, a moment such as this particular one poses a big challenge for Tom.

It’s as if Tom is going through a tunnel now. A long one not just without light, but one that seems to have no air as well. The clock is ticking by but it all the same seems time is taking a very casual walk heading to nowhere. A loved one is far and is missed. But not just that Becky is far, she seems to physically be in a safe place, surrounded with the best of what life has to offer, but so strangely does it at the same time seem like a trial stand, where ones freedom or doom is just a tick away.

This is a bit of the reality that keeps Tom’s mind constantly occupied the whole day. At first he thought of being angry after waiting almost a whole day without a word from her. But on second thought he got rid of the that feeling immediately. Her whereabouts were not known, and her conditions were still vague.

Almost every minute Becky comes to heart. Sometimes he feels so helpless except to say a prayer. Sometimes he just let himself drift off lost in thoughts till he is distracted back to reality.

One thing remains for sure, hope. And that is hope coming not from the east or west, neither from the south.

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