Hunger and Food

Have you noticed that food is always delicious when you are very hungry? There are particular things I don’t like eating, or should I say food I’m not so fond of. But I noticed that most of what I eat just tastes good when hungry. I mean really good. Certainly my taste buds did not evolved in such brief intervals of time – hunger happened.

Today I find myself in church in the midst of other believers. I am enjoying the service tremendously. I am conscious enough to realize that there was nothing so spectacular about the worship, hymns or prayers. But for some reason everything just blesses me now. Every song just ministers deeply. Every word just blesses me. And then I realize – I am hungry.

Being hungry isn’t just a feeling or state limited to the way the body feels in the absence of food. Hunger, or even thirst could be in different dimensions. Hunger could be for the achievement of some goal, for love or companionship, or in my case today, the presence of God. Every hunger longs to be satisfied. This is important to note because like a thirsty deer pants after the brooks and drinks without control, the soul becomes very ready to consume anything that comes its way in a bid to satisfy its hunger.

The most ordinary of meals become delicacies at the hunger-point. A soul hungry for love and companionship could easily be carried away by a stranger with no good intentions. A soul hungry for truth could easily be carried away by any form of doctrine that comes its way. A soul that feels empty as a result of the lack of the presence of God might easily be carried away with activities that keep it distracted and occupied or drawn into harmful and wasteful habits. 

Howbeit hunger also has a good side to it. One never comes to a point of being filled if he is never at a point where he recognizes he is hungry. Most of us are only drawn to food because stomach contractions send a signal that our body needs to be fueled. I guess it is in place to say we die without good hunger signals.

Life is greatly affected by choices as a result of what we hunger or do not hunger for. Many term this passion. The Christian walk and spirituality isn’t exclude from this principle. Jesus firmly declared in the fifth chapter of the book of Matthew, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst!’ Not far off he declares that it is these ones who will experience satisfaction.

Many situations never change, not necessarily because they are impossible missions, but mostly because there is no desire to change. True a lot of things in life come free of charge without having to break any sweat. However, many to-be-great achievements remain wishful thinking till a spark of hunger is ignited. This spark ignites a fire that keeps burning till results are seen.

Hunger shouldn’t be endured. Its purpose is to expose a need, lack, want or some inadequacies. One has to get up and satisfy it. Even a lazy man gathers himself and fixes a meal or goes in search of food anyhow known to him. Hunger should stir us up to action and build in us a stronger resistance to obstacles and negativities around. I remember watching a documentary and watching a scene where a lion went after an elephant as a prey. That’s what hunger does. Life should be fueled with a vision that would continuously give rise to a hunger for a higher level, otherwise stagnancy ensues. For when only we learn to desire the good things of life, or better still take a firm hold of the desires we find in the inside of us can we experience true satisfaction.

As much as we need to remain hungry, we need to learn to constantly and correctly satisfy hunger. Hunger not satisfied kills.

Back here in the service I come to again realize my great need and dependency for the presence of the Lord – a hunger most important but greatly suppressed, a hunger many try filling with activities and worldly pursuits that never truly satisfy. And I remember the Lord crying out, let him who thirsts come to me, and drink. So I open up to drink as much as I can.

A thirsty deer pants after the water brooks. A hungry lion goes in search of a prey. What is your heart after?

To those hungry, I say, seek to be filled. To those filled, seek to be hungry again. We all die otherwise.

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