Faith In Crisis

I was at a funeral ceremony of a church member recently. It was the first of such ceremonies I had attended for a very long time. And like every funeral, it was a really sad occasion. Just about when the event commenced I was led with others to sympathize with the bereaved. Though she wasn’t crying, it was still evident she was making considerable efforts to stay strong, hold the tears and avoid the sympathetic looks from all angles channeled in her direction. Some of those comforting her, especially family members were also not too far from the same state of bemoaning, though also trying to be strong for her. At one time or the other, one would step out to a corner and allow the tears ease their way out. It was indeed sad. 

The climax of my emotions were actually when the ceremony started proper. Closing my eyes to talk to God was a moment that became unusually very decisive and significant. Here I was, in the midst of others of course, with my head bowed, eyes closed and led to thank God for life, provision, protection and everything else in a situation that brings to question a lot of all that. A lot of the questions the carnal minds would raise crossed my mind and right there in the blink of seconds I had to decide if to ask them, or if to speak faith. 

The decision was made easily when the focus shifted from one single life we lost to the many gathered around that God has sustained and kept. I was gently reminded that God is light, and in Him no shadow of turning at all. Again I was reminded of His very many goodness and great promises and assurance, that He has planned and wants only the best for every one of His children. And there was also reminded that if anything was ever lost, stolen or broken, it’s only the work of the devil. 

And then faith rose. 

And I wondered how it is that in such moments as these the exercise of faith becomes paramount and produces victory. It gives me greater understanding when the Bible talks of our faith as the reason we overcome. It is really in such trying moments we face the reality of where our faith and trust is. It is in moments like this we choose to curse or hold on to Him even when we feel the life in us giving away. It is in moments like this we choose to keep walking over the waves of the sea or let go and sink. It is in moments like this that we cheaply bow to pressure or stand still with gazes even more sternly fixed on Him. 

Faith is the belief that He who has promised is able to fulfill all, and that no matter what we come faced with, He is with us and has our best in mind. 

And faith it is we choose in moments like these, instead of fear and doubt.

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