The Need For Dependency

My devotional today took me through David’s praises to God in 2 Samuel 22. While thinking about it, my mind let down anchor at the fourth verse, ”I will call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.” I’m not sure how to put it out, but what I am getting here is that David called on God, and one of the primary reasons he did that, was so that God would save him from his enemies.

David is one person we know who really enjoyed a close relationship with God. He talked to God a lot through songs, psalms, vocal prayers etc. At a point even God boasts of David as a man after His own heart. I think that’s such a recommendation. Beside the love and admiration David had for the Lord, I am today drawn to the knowledge of the kind of dependency David had for the Lord.

David was very clear on the nature of his relation with the Lord. I learn that what makes his relationship with the Lord stand out is his sincere recognition of his need for the Lord. Whenever he lifted up his voice to the Lord, it was for a particular reason. In today’s context, the reason he called on the Lord was so that the Lord would save him from his enemies. There was a reason, a factor that goes just beyond being a reason, a factor that shows dependency, which in turn determines the fullness of the God-life in us. Continue reading

Tom Sawyer

It seems so quiet around. Everyone sees the smiles and happy face. Everyone sees the strong and great leader without the slightest thought if he ever has the word problems in his dictionary.

The peace of God always seem to surpass situations and problems in his case it seems. In the inside though at times question rage. Thoughts build and crumble, decisions are made even sometimes without any consciousness. Though it rarely ever occurs like this, a moment such as this particular one poses a big challenge for Tom.

It’s as if Tom is going through a tunnel now. A long one not just without light, but one that seems to have no air as well. The clock is ticking by but it all the same seems time is taking a very casual walk heading to nowhere. A loved one is far and is missed. But not just that Becky is far, she seems to physically be in a safe place, surrounded with the best of what life has to offer, but so strangely does it at the same time seem like a trial stand, where ones freedom or doom is just a tick away.

This is a bit of the reality that keeps Tom’s mind constantly occupied the whole day. At first he thought of being angry after waiting almost a whole day without a word from her. But on second thought he got rid of the that feeling immediately. Her whereabouts were not known, and her conditions were still vague.

Almost every minute Becky comes to heart. Sometimes he feels so helpless except to say a prayer. Sometimes he just let himself drift off lost in thoughts till he is distracted back to reality.

One thing remains for sure, hope. And that is hope coming not from the east or west, neither from the south.


1. Manyo is been commanded to never let his heart be troubled.
2. Manyo believes in God, he also believes in Jesus.
3. In our Father’s house are many mansions. If it was so, Jesus won’t have told Manyo so.
4. Jesus went to prepare a place for Manyo.
5. Jesus will come again and receive Manyo to Himself.
6. Where Jesus is, Manyo will be there also.
7. Manyo knows where Jesus is.
8. Manyo came to the Father through Jesus the way.
9. Manyo knows the Father because he knows Jesus.
10. Henceforth Manyo has seen the Father.
11. Manyo believes that Jesus is in the Father, and the Father in Him.
12. And because Manyo believes, the works that Jesus did shall he also do, and even greater.
13. And whatsoever Manyo shall ask in Jesus’ name that will He do that the Father be glorified.
14. If Manyo asks anything in Jesus’ name, He will do.
-John 14: 1-14

Imagine the change and transformation in the words of those scriptures when not just read as a piece of text, or even as God’s word, but God’s words to ME.

One of the things about this age of the personal computer is ability to tune your computer to your taste. The advent of the Linux systems even broadens that liberty, giving greater options for users to personalize the computers. In a simpler sense is the desktop. One can change the background, text format, icons, windows and toolbar positions, and a lot of other things as one will please.

Not in a sense we can handle the scriptures as we please, but in a sense that the Bible, the words contained therein, is given to us, that it is ours, it is to us, it is to me, it is for me. And one of the ways to get the most out of it is when it is taken personally.

God is the God and father of all. That is very true. But first and foremost, He is your own God and father. His words and promises are first for you and to you personally.

The message is simple, personalize Him.

Loving God

One of the first things that came to mind when asked to share a bit with my other worship team members about worship and its different aspects was an approach to worship through love. After hearing a couple of my team members speak about how worship should be a lifestyle, some about how God seeks worshipper, another about victory that springs forth from our worship as a result of us speaking God’s words to situations and all, I began wondering why such a great experience is so much neglected or taken for granted. And I began wondering that as much as we want to see great worshippers in our churches, we need to teach people to love God.

Worship makes more sense when done out of love. It flows so freely with the understanding of not just who God is, but what He means to us. Sometimes just knowing how big or awesome God is doesn’t change much about people’s heart for God neither does knowing what He can do produce a worshipper’s heart. More often than not, it is experiencing what He has done, and in a broader sense, experiencing his love that leaves a mark in the heart, a mark that turns our hearts to love Him back in return.

Back in the days of the Old Testament the people were to obey the laws and then were charged to teach these laws to their children so that they walk in them. Repeatedly they were reminded to pass the tradition to children and generations. Jesus came and sums the whole law into two commandments, love God, and love your neighbor. And it seems we have done a very bad job of teaching and passing just these two commandments to the younger ones. And maybe it is solely because we don’t know how to teach people how to love God. Instead we teach laws without basis Continue reading

A Piece of Faith: Isn’t, Is

Faith is not the belief in our words. It is not based on feelings. Faith is really not believing that what “isn’t”, does exist. Faith is not the belief that I will have a $1000 tomorrow because God says He will provide for my needs. Faith is not been charged up by certain promises of God to begin making my own demands or lure God to do according to our bids. A lot of times we are really driven by our fleshly lusts and desires.

Faith is the belief in God’s own words. Now this might not make sense to our natural minds and reasoning faculties. Faith is the belief that what “isn’t seen” which does exist, God’s word, promises, will come alive and become visible. Faith is the belief that whether through physical cash, or through some other means, that God is really going to provide for any need that will rise. Faith is resting on God’s promises that in His own way and means, He is going to bring every one of them to pass in our lives.

Faith is knowing and believing that indeed God loves me with an everlasting love, I am His child, I am engraved deeply into the palms of His hands, He will never leave me nor forsake me. He has provided for every need that might arise in my life. He is going to fight for me so I just have to hold my peace. He has blessed me with every spiritual blessing. That He is the upholder and lifter of my head, that I am the head and not the tail etc. …because He said so.


I like to sometimes imagine God being in a specific position when I am in a place. I might be a room and imagine God sitting just by the side of my bed, something like the position of a mom or day when they come to give goodnight kisses to their child. I wake up and know He is right there watching me wake, of course with the prettiest smile ever on His face. It feels like I hear Him say in great delight and anticipation, “Oh, he is awake!” Please don’t misunderstand me. I cannot limit God. He is everywhere. I think I just like to imagine sometimes and be childish in such imaginations. There is a kind of feel about it I really like.

Church was a bit fuller than usual today. After worship I managed to get a place by the side to sit. Somewhere along the line I hopped into my little world and was wondering where could God be sitting or standing in the Assembly Hall of the Azimuth Hotel we were using. I couldn’t find any space anywhere. As I searched I could hear Him tell me not to search too far. He was comfortably sited on the floor by a small little corner beside me. When He saw the look of wonder and questions in my face, He said He couldn’t bear being even a distant away.

He is that into you too. He is with us. He is in us. He is for us… Awesome!!!