The Need For Dependency

My devotional today took me through David’s praises to God in 2 Samuel 22. While thinking about it, my mind let down anchor at the fourth verse, ”I will call on the Lord, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies.” I’m not sure how to put it out, but what I am getting here is that David called on God, and one of the primary reasons he did that, was so that God would save him from his enemies.

David is one person we know who really enjoyed a close relationship with God. He talked to God a lot through songs, psalms, vocal prayers etc. At a point even God boasts of David as a man after His own heart. I think that’s such a recommendation. Beside the love and admiration David had for the Lord, I am today drawn to the knowledge of the kind of dependency David had for the Lord.

David was very clear on the nature of his relation with the Lord. I learn that what makes his relationship with the Lord stand out is his sincere recognition of his need for the Lord. Whenever he lifted up his voice to the Lord, it was for a particular reason. In today’s context, the reason he called on the Lord was so that the Lord would save him from his enemies. There was a reason, a factor that goes just beyond being a reason, a factor that shows dependency, which in turn determines the fullness of the God-life in us. Continue reading